How to: Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day. Galentine's Day. Palentine's Day.

Whatever you want to call the beloved Hallmark holiday, you know it entails planning and maybe some gift giving, too. But don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Terre Haute has some of the best eats around. Whether you're wanting sushi, steak, or a heart-shapped pizza, you can have it all! Here is a list of hot spots in Terre Haute to take your Valentine, Galentine, or, you know, Palentine! 

J. Fords → If you're looking for a delicious steak dinner, this is the place to go. Located downtown on the corner of 7th and Walnut, J. Fords is locally owned and has been bringing the finest food and spirits to Terre Haute since 2007. Open for reservations—a simple call to (812)235-5549 can make your date night complete. 

Tokyo → Wanting a to add a little spark to your romantic evening? Hibachi is the perfect way. Delicious food and the best company. If you're lucky, you'll be sat at a table full of couples enjoying a night out. Reservations can be made at (812)235-9999. Located at 2950 S 3rd St, it is just a short drive to the movie theatre! (hint, hint) 

Sushi Umi → Open since 2001, Umi is the first Japanese resturant to arrive in Terre Haute. Unforgettable atmosphere and even better sushi selection. Located at 2002 S 3rd St, reservations can be made by calling  (812)232-0019!

Wise Pies → Wanting a delicious night at home to celebrate the day? Wise Pies offers a classic heart-shapped pizza upon request. Dine in or carry out, wise pies is one of our favorites! Who doesn't love a night in with an x-large pepperoni pizza?

However, finding the perfect dinner spot is only half the battle…
What about a gift?
Is a ring too much? Well, what about a watch? Or what about a teddy bear wearing a watch with a ring inside! 

We are here to tell you, don't worry. It will be o.k! We have put together a Valentine's Day Key to tell you who should get what.(or at least give you a starting point)

Valentine Jewlery, watch, date night (on you), work suprise (anything delivered with a love note)
Galentine Wine or a mani/pedi date
Palentine Beer, funny card, giftcard (because you can never go wrong with a Visa giftcard)

Original go-to gifts → Flowers, chocolate, heart-shapped ANYTHING, teddy bear

You now have the perfect evening planned and perfected. 

We hope you and your Valentine…Galentine…Palentine have a perfect Valentine's Day! 

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