Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

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There comes a time every holiday season where you just need those last few gifts to complete a stocking, or someone's wish list. However, you've already spent WAY more than you wanted and can only squeeze in a few more inexpensive items. Here are some great ideas that will cost you $25 or less! 
  • Crate and Barrel $25 and Under has a ton of items that are perfect for those looking to save a few bucks but still make anyone's Holiday special!
  • Walmart has a tab on their website that breaks down gifts from $25 and under, $50 and under, $100 and under, $200 and under, and $200 and over!
  • Who doesn't like Target $25 and Under? Target is the place where all my money goes, and with these awesome deals, it's harder than ever to resist!
  • Want something a little more practical? Try getting a gift card! CNBC has narrowed down the Top 10 Best Gift Cards of 2018!
No matter what you decide, whether a purchased gift or something handmade, just knowing you care and put the thought and energy into a gift is truly what makes someone's holiday extra special.
Stay tuned as Heritage Trail announces some upcoming holiday themed parties for our residents!

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